The sound of send-off

Removed from the icy stillness of downtown Minot Friday evening, more than a dozen bands converged on local music spot Pangea House, nestled in the converted basement of what had once been The Chicago Club at 110-1st Street Southeast.

The descriptively named “Jake-Moving-To-Missouri-Fest” marked the departure of musician and Velva-native Jake Flaten, who with his partner Chris Brown had formed the quirky duo The Getters.

“Jake and I have been playing together for a year and a half,” Brown recalled. With Flaten on an acoustic guitar and Brown on an Accordioline reed organ, the two becoming a regular ensemble in Minot’s downtown bar scene, as well as area shows and regional festivals.

The group will officially be on hiatus as Flaten leaves for Springfield, Mo., this morning, after living and playing in Minot for eight years. The experience for him has been a formative one.

“It’s wonderful, it’s inspiring. If it weren’t for the music scene here I wouldn’t be playing music,” Flaten figured.

The event was hoped to be the biggest Pangea House has hosted since celebrating its five-year anniversary. Established in November 2008, the community collective focused on art and music, giving a local pool of writers, vocalists, artists and musicians the opportunity to share and expand on their talents.

The collective is non-for-profit, being in a pass-through fund partnership with the Minot Area Community Foundation and subsisting largely on the donations and contributions from its members and admirers, such as the $5 door fee collected at Friday’s show.

Pangea House moved to its current location last autumn as part of a broader renovation of a former gentleman’s club after that building was acquired by Sue Wilson, former proprietor of United Pantry. Envisioned as a more culturally-focused project, other tenants at its reopening included Moore’s Shou Shu Karate, a church called The Pursuit Minot, HobNob Antiques, a potter and a watercolor art shop.

“This particular event is probably only a month old,” Brown said of the planning. “We wanted to do something fun.”

Culminating in the Getters’ last show, the evening had billed an eclectic baker’s dozen of bands, including Spooky Tarts of Moron County, Mr. Dad, Duffy and the Beer Slayers, Chapstick, Jerica and the Crown Royals, Consolation Prize, Acoustic Sparkle Additive, Japaniel Flatsen, Gallons of Bacon, TOD, Father Son and Holy Smokes, and It’s a Secret.

Though many of the musicians expressed gladness to see their friend continue on his life’s journey, Flaten’s contributions to Pangea House and his artistic collaboration with local artists over the past five years will also be missed.

“He’s been a very integral part of the collective,” Brown said of his friend.

“He does a lot for the community, and in particular Pangea House,” commented Jazmine Wolff, guitarist and lead vocals for Chapstick. “It’ll be hard to fill those big, giant Jake shoes.”

Information on future Pangea House events can be found at its Facebook page, or at the collective’s ( website.