Outdoors briefly

Darkhouse spearfishing closes Saturday

North Dakota’s darkhouse spearfishing season closes Saturday. Individuals who would still like to get out for the first time this year must register with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. Registration is available through the department’s website, (gf.nd.gov), or through any Game and Fish Department office.

Permanent fish house removal required soon

State law requires permanent fish houses to be removed from North Dakota waters by midnight Saturday. Fish houses may be used after Saturday if they are removed daily. In addition, it is illegal to leave fish houses on any federal refuge land or on any state-owned or managed land after Saturday.

Fish and Wildlife scholarship available

Undergraduate students with a major in wildlife management and/or fisheries biology are eligible to apply for a scholarship through the Ronald D. Liudahl Endowment.

Students must be a resident of North Dakota; have completed at least 30 semester credits in a fisheries and wildlife management program; indicate career objectives in wildlife resource protection and management in a brief essay or statement; and have a grade point average and extracurricular/volunteer activities commensurate with good academic standing and citizenship. The deadline for applying is April 1.

Liudahl was a lifelong advocate of conservation and stewardship of North Dakota’s wildlife, fisheries and natural resources. An avid hunter and angler, he considered himself a passionate spokesperson on water quality, wildlife habitat and sustaining North Dakota’s natural resources. More information, including an application, is available online at (ndcf.net/Scholarships/RonLiudahlApplication.asp).