Ice rink concerns

Mike Enslin, Minot

To City of Minot Planning Commission, City Council and School Superintendent and School Board

I am writing my concerns to the planned ice rinks adjacent to my property. I received a letter with the drawings and preliminary plans. I am in favor of the rinks; however, here are my concerns.

1. I am very concerned with the grading and water run off planning. Because of the recent paving of the Excel Energy parking lot and new building 80’x100′ and the new ice rinks plus warming house, the run off of water will be significantly increased. This will impact my house and others.

This may drain into our yards and basements. Also the ditch/coulee that is directly north has always filled up with water every year and possesses a danger to children who play in and around it. I have addressed this to the City and the school superintendent for as many as six years. There have been two surveys done. This year I talked again to the superintendent and alderman and I am afraid someone may die or get injured before anything is done. There are two drain pipes the city put in many years ago to alleviate this water problem but they are too high for the water to flow out to drain the standing water.

It gets four to five feet deep at times and I have observed people slipping in. Kids also play on the ice that forms over it. This is a public safety hazard and I hope no one dies to address this problem. Pictures are available.

2. Parking will be a problem since there is no parking lot proposed. Street parking is already dangerous for the school and now rinks.

3. Lights may be of concern if the placement bothers the neighbors.

4. Operating hours are not known yet. Will noise be a problem?

5. Supervision of the rinks still needs to be worked out for warming house and rinks for problems with the users.

6. Summer maintenance mowing and weed control are of concern.