We need a real leader

Mark J. Hanlon, Bismarck

Among the Great Obama’s claims while running for the presidency was that he’d return America to a position of dignity and credibility internationally. After seeing his administration in action for these five years, one must ask why any foreign leader would believe anything Obama says. He said he’d fight and win the “war of necessity” in Afghanistan, he’d arm the (Syrian) resistance, and he’d use military force to punish Syria for the use of nerve gas on their own people. He said Assad must step down. China and Russia have thumbed their noses at Obama in the Snowdon affair, and even lowly Karzai in Afghanistan has now done so. Despite the Obama’s threats of “costs,” Putin has chosen naked aggression in the Crimea. I guess that means no selfies with Putin. Assad drags his feet with destruction of his nerve gas, and the jury is out on Iran’s nuclear program. Relations with our allies in Europe and with Israel have suffered in the meantime.

America desperately needs a real leader at this time in history. Unfortunately what we have is only a very mouthy shill. Better to keep one’s mouth shut and thought an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.