Defending her husband

Sandra Murphy, Minot

I am writing this in response to the letter submitted by Richard Weinmann regarding my husband’s accident. As one who dislikes controversy and abhors the spotlight, I would normally be the last one to write a letter to the editor; except that I feel the need to defend my husband’s honor.

Who are you, sir, to judge what happened? Were you there, are you familiar with the intersection involved, are you the highway patrolman who investigated and then re-enacted the scene to be sure, who then determined that my husband could not have seen the policewoman in time to stop on “his” green light?

My husband is an honorable, law-abiding citizen, who is more than cautious and courteous in such situations. To imply that he just didn’t feel like stopping is an insult. Your further comment about his maybe being a big shot is laughable, as well as insulting; unless your definition of a “big shot” is a hard-working family man, a veteran who has served his country for 27 years.

My husband and I are just so thankful that neither he nor the policewoman were injured in this accident that totaled both vehicles. Next time, sir, know the facts and all of the law before besmirching a good man’s name.