Frost impedes run-off in Minot

Mild above-ground temperatures and underground cold are proving to be a bad combination for some streets in Minot.

Minot street superintendent Rick Hair said frost in the ground has frozen the water in the storm sewer line in a number of places, causing run-off from melting snow to back up.

“Normally, we don’t freeze this deep and the storm lines stay thawed out,” he said. “We are trying to steam them open.”

Steaming sewer lines does take time, he said. The city has been working for two days at a location at 17th Avenue and 10th Street Southeast, where water covered about 150 feet of roadway.

Meanwhile, residents of Whispering Meadows subdivision, southeast of Minot, continued to deal with high water. Several residents along 62nd Street Southeast met with the Ward County Water Resource Board Monday, and the board contracted with a company to do excavation in the channel.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, residents reported that water had not risen further, but water continued to flood yards and remained over the top of one septic drain field.