Minot AFB helicopter crew rescue 2 men in Mont.

MINOT AIR FORCE BASE Members of the 54th Helicopter Squadron at Minot Air Force Base responded to a search-and-rescue request involving two men trapped in the bed of their truck in Savage, Mont., when an ice flow caused the river to overrun its banks on Monday, according to Minot AFB officials.

At about midnight the crew received a phone call from the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center requesting a hoist-equipped aircraft to respond to the scene.

Rescue workers from the local area had responded to the scene but were unable to get to the stranded men due to the large chunks of ice in the water. Additionally, the situation was further compounded by an ice flow upstream on the verge of breaking free.

The Minot AFB aircrew had just concluded a night vision goggle flight and was preparing to turn over their duties for the night and return to base when the call came in.

Arriving on scene, the crew was greeted by the sight of two men stranded in the center of the flood waters, standing in the bed of their truck as frigid water rushed by threatening to sweep away their vehicle and engulf them.

After rescuing the two men, the team transported them to the nearby Sidney (Mont.) Richland Municipal Airport where emergency responders were standing by.

The men were taken to a Sidney medical center where they were checked and released, the Sidney Herald reported.

The 54th Helicopter Squadron’s primary mission is to support the base’s 91st Missile Wing and the Minot missile complex.