Basin Electric power plant reaches milestone

BEULAH Employees of Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s Antelope Valley Station, north of Beulah, have reached a milestone of 750,000 work hours without an incident that requires days away, restricted or transferred from their regular duties, also known as a DART incident.

Employees have been building that milestone since March 2012 and reached it the first week in February.

John Jacobs, Basin Electric vice president of operations, served with the employees of Antelope Valley as plant manager during their journey to the milestone, said, “The employees know what is expected of them and they perform their duties with the understanding that they need to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. I commend them on this accomplishment and look forward to extending this run, not as an oddity to be recognized, but as what should occur naturally on any given day.”

Chad Edwards, interim plant manager at Antelope Valley, said it’s a great accomplishment, but only the beginning. “The employees at Antelope Valley have a major outage coming up, so we will have to be diligent in our tasks,” he said. “We’ve been working toward this accomplishment for two years, but it only takes a blink of an eye to lose it.”

The Antelope Valley Station, a coal-based power plant, employs about 200 people.