Is system really safe?

Fred Hurt, Minot

I chose to opt out of the North Dakota Health Information Network registry, however, that is not the purpose of this letter.

I feel this entire registration program is being done without the consent, or knowledge, of the general public. Not only that, the NDHIN website makes it an ordeal to opt out when it should be you getting my permission to register my information into a system that has proven to be unsecure. Doubt me? Just ask the millions of credit card holders who have had their information stolen which made their lives miserable. Secure system? … Yeah, right!

The trusting people of North Dakota in general have no idea this is happening. I will do what it takes to let them know the most intimate details of their medical history are being transferred to some conglomerate data collection system. I just saw a commercial that portrays this program as some grand life-saving system, but nothing about what is really going on.

I also feel the warnings and doom and gloom tone on the OPT/OUT/REVOKE OPT OUT page on the website (when you find it), is a bullying tactic to make people knuckle under.

You are going along with the Big Brother tactic of the federal government and I don’t like it one bit … and I don’t think North Dakotans would either, if they knew about it.