MSU students learning to dress for success

Minot State University students received a demonstration in what to wear and what not to wear during a job interview last week during the annual Dress for Success fashion show.

“We use students from our campus (as models),” said Lynda Bertsch, director of the Student Success Center.

During their first walk down the runway, students wore clothes from their own closets, the casual T-shirts, jeans and sweatshirts that they can get away with wearing to class but not to a job interview.

During the later presentations, the students looked more put-together in suits, ties, dress pants and tops and appropriate dress shoes.

Students also received advice on some of the subtleties of how they present themselves, such as avoiding heavy cologne and making sure their shoes are polished and match the belt they are wearing. They were also told to have more than one set of interview clothing on hand. It is better to show up for an interview overdressed than underdressed, they were told.

Bertsch said she would like to see students wear their interview clothing for the job fair that will be coming up later this month.

Dressing appropriately will show future employers that the students are serious about getting the job and will be an asset to the company, students were told. Graduation is coming up in eight weeks time and the job hunt is about to get serious for many of this year’s college seniors.