Attracting workers to N.D.

“Find the Good Life in North Dakota.”

That’s the latest advertising campaign unveiled this week by the North?Dakota Economic Development Foundation in an effort to recruit employees to fill an estimated 25,000 jobs that remain open in the oil industry and other employment fields such as engineering and nursing.

The $800,000 campaign is set to begin in May, and will target states with high unemployment rates. The cost of the project is being split betweeen state funds and a donation from Hess Corp.

State officials said the goal is to attract employees who want to work, live and raise a family in North Dakota, while also reaching out to military veterans.

We understand the idea behind the project. North Dakota’s population has grown to record highs in recent years, but still hasn’t kept pace with the needs of the growing oil industry and other professions. We hope the campaign is successful in attracting skilled workers who want to make the state their permanent home. But we also hope the leaders of the project are honest and forthcoming in their promotion of the state.

Anyone with access to a computer can discover that, yes, it does get cold in North?Dakota. It also isn’t difficult to obtain information on the housing crunch and escalating rent rates in and near the oil patch. It’s no secret that it’s expensive to live and work in western North Dakota, and no amount of positive publicity can change that.

But that doesn’t scare everybody off, and it shouldn’t. There are still those who come to North?Dakota for a fresh start in their career, or those who move here to start their own business catering to the needs of the oil industry. Obviously, we hope the “Find the Good Life in North Dakota” is successful. The need for employees is real, and it is immediate.