Hilarity on tap at ‘A Night of One Acts’

Multiple breakups and confusing relationships within a small town may not always seem like things that go together. Somehow, though, in the course of an evening of comedic one act plays, they blend amazingly. The Minot Area Theatrical Society’s traditional season-opening offering, “A Night of One Acts,” is no different.

Kicking off our spring show from March 27-29, seen at the Stardust Ballroom at The Vegas Motel, the audience will be treated to a night of fun and frivolity. Our first offering will begin with two interweaving acts written by Alan Ayckbouen from his “Confusions” play, directed by Les Younger. In this performance, the cast explores the crazy and often quirky lives of six people meeting for the first time in almost surreal situations. The first scene opens with a mothering housewife played by Christine Staley, and we follow her through her interactions with her neighbors, played by Kit Young and Brandon Schafer, who end up being more like her children than grown adults. We then keep the fun going when her unsavory husband, played by Damien Walsh, is engaging two “lovely young ladies” played by Cassie Rech and Desirae Martin in a Minneapolis hotel lounge with drinks and comedy.

Next, the small cast of players moves to the second offering of the evening, “It’s Not You, It’s Me” by Don Zolidis, directed by Rech. In this delightful comedy, we explore the ending of relationships using the most outlandish and imaginative reasons, from psychic predictions to the need to travel to Tibet, where no reason is too wild or off-the-wall to explore. Some of the new players for “It’s Not You, It’s Me” are Tyler Reimche, Stephen Young and Kristin Nelson, as well as those from the prior play.

We then go to the wide world of Vaudeville in “The Roman Love God and Brandon,” written, directed and staring Brandon Shafer and Damien Walsh. This salute to old time improv is sure to tickle your funny bone and make you wonder how these unusual men think up this crazy fun.

Unlike the following two offerings, Thursday, March 27, features the show only. Tickets for the Thursday show cost $10 for adults and $8 for children and seniors. Friday and Saturday’s shows include dinner – which is a salad, entree and dessert catered by Sevens Bar and Restaurant – with the show. Tickets for the Friday and Saturday shows cost $22. For reservations and questions, please call Les Younger at 509-5215. The doors to hilarity open at 6:30 p.m. We do strongly advise parental supervision for ages 13 and under due to some mature content.

Also, please join us in helping the Humane Society with a free will donation at each table.

(Various members of the cast and crew from the Minot Theatrical Society contributed to this column.)