Young piano players earn awards

On March 8, the National Federation’s Gold Cup Festival was held at Minot State University. Nearly 290 participants performed in several events. The festival was sponsored by the Minot Piano Teachers Club.

Earning small gold cups worth 15 points for their piano solos were: Therese Haberman, Bottineau; Shelby Ruden and Jakob VanBerkom, Burlington; Kennedy Limke, Anne Schauer and Matthew Schauer, Carpio; Dalyce Leslie, Deering; Audra Savelkoul, Lansford; Lauren Alexander, Aydan Almy, Camille Cook, Natalie Cook, Ethan Dockter, Hannah Foss, Sage Goodman, Tabitha Greenwood, Alexis Haider, Allison Knutson, Alyson Lucy, Berkley Lundeen, Clay Mantz, Molly McGrath, Isabel Parton, Maleah Purdy, Kaya Shaw, Maya Wald, Corbin Wick, Madelen Wick, Melissa Williams and Jack Wolsky, Minot; Deacon Johnson, Mohall; and Samuel Ellingson, Sherwood.

Earning a small gold cup in the Lynn Freeman Olson piano solo event was Victoria Hoverson, Burlington.

Earning small cups in the Piano Concerto event were Allison Knutson, Hannah Nelson and Madison Sem, Minot.

Earning small gold cups in the piano hymn event were Victoria Hoverson, Burlington, and Jacob Lauckner, Minot.

In the violin solo event Paul Eapen, Minot, earned a small cup.

Earning medium cups worth 30 or more points in the piano solo event were: Bree Hedges and Kristian Hoverson, Burlington; Jericho Limke, Carpio; Sarah Miller, Glenburn; Lindsey English and Cassie Faul, Harvey; Megan Olson, Maddock; Rachel Dockter, Hayley Flagstad, Ali Keiser, Mara Keiser, Trey Krumweide, Taylor Nygaard, Maddy Sem and Karena Verbitsky, Minot; Kendall Drangsholt, Mohall; Grace Solemsaas, Sherwood; and Serena Moen, Upham.

Earning medium cups in the piano hymn playing event were: Hudson Dahly and Lucas Lauckner, Minot.

Earning large gold cups worth 45 or more points were: Nicholas Helfrich, Berthold; Cassidy Limke, Carpio; Sidni Kast, Hyacinth Percell and Rebekah Randash, Minot; Amanda Moen and Elizabeth Moen, Upham.

In the hymn playing event, earning large cups were: Caleb Hoverson, Burlington; and Douglas Angell Jr. and Claudia Nettleton, Minot.

Earning a 60-point cup, by combining solo and concerto points, was Hannah Moen of Upham.