Need more foresight

Marie Carlson, Minot

I found Dennis Klein’s letter in the Feb. 23 edition of The Minot Daily News to be interesting. I would like to mention another thing I have noticed in our city and this was happening before the flood. The trashiness of old, unused cars being allowed to just sit on property. The city claims that if it’s the homeowner’s property, they cannot do anything. They should talk to Berthold officials who recently addressed the issue of cars parking in front yards after driving over the curbs.

Then the city should talk to Bismarck officials on how they lay drain tiles under the streets. The valley is not the only area in Minot affected by a lot of water. The residents on the north side of Bismarck were experiencing water in their basements. The city came out, tore up not very old streets and laid drain tiles. That makes more sense than every homeowner on the hills having the expense of putting drain tiles around their homes here in Minot.

It’s time for Minot to have foresight and not hindsight. Think out all the projects before forging ahead.