Care and compassion

Cheryl D. Lane, Minot

So many people in Minot choose to go away for medical treatment, especially cancer care. I found out there is a lot of good care here.

Two years ago, Ann Welch, FPN, performed a biopsy and I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and malignant lymph nodes. I?chose to stay in Minot, where I have my support system . . . my mother, my poodle, my house, my friends and neighbors. I had surgery by Dr. Jun to remove the tumor and the lymph nodes. Then chemo by Dr. Pat, and radiation by Dr. Collins. The melanoma metastasized to nodules on my lungs. Dr. Pat researched until she found a very new chemo for melanoma. The nodules were gone, but it metastasized again, this time to my brain, so steroids and more radiation by Dr. Collins. Then surgery by Dr. Elchler to remove the brain tumor and rehab with Dr. Young. Then all my wonderful doctors talked to me about a preventative treatment. I agreed and have started receiving stereotactic radiosurgery in the area where the brain tumor was removed.

When Dr. Collins moved from Minot, Dr. Grant came to Trinity. Dr. Grant, Dr. Elchler and their trained team are administering the treatment. So you can see I have dealt with many Trinity medical professionals. All of the Trinity medical personnel have been caring and compassionate, and you know you are much more than a name on a chart. The entire team worked as a unit to do everything possible to help me recover and heal.

The people of Minot should be happy and very proud of Trinity. Trinity has found some of the best professionals and newest and best equipment. The cancer care center has given patients and family a more pleasant and comfortable place as they go through maybe years of roller coaster illness and treatment. I hope if or when you or your family are confronted with a major illness, you will know Trinity offers exceptional treatment with caring and compassion.