Regional Science Olympiad

Area students won awards at the Regional Science Olympiad held March 18 at Minot State University. Results follow:

Division C

Anatomy and physiology: 1Zachary Krill and Anah Farmer, both Minot High School-Central Campus; 2Shae Volk and Darin McClintock, Drake-Anamoose; 3Arianna Larson and Haley Hove, Garrison.

Astronomy: 1Kayla Rascoe and Emily Beck, Minot High School-Magic City Campus; 2Madison Tiedman and Morgan Coleman, Minot High School-Central Campus; 3Katie Leary and Taylor Johnson, Bismarck Century.

Boomilever: 1Brandon Christman, Minot High School-Magic City Campus; 2Ross Allmaras and Ryan Allmaras, Carrington; 3Isaac Niess and Thomas Keeling, Minot Ryan.

Chemistry lab: 1Cole Peterson and Leah Runyan, Des Lacs-Burlington; 2Erin Richards and Breann Lehner, Magic City Campus; 3Drew Effertz and Sarah Wherley, Velva.

Circuit lab: 1David Larson and Nate Monk, Velva; 2William Benner, Kenmare; 3Kaleb Cross and Conner Martinez, TGU-Granville.

Designer genes: 1Erin Richards and Hannah Kempher, Magic City Campus; 2Rebekah Wangler and Madison Schmaltz, Rugby; 3Shae Volk and Austin Schatz, Drake-Anamoose.

Disease detective: 1Clara Derby and Taylor Johnson, Bismarck Century; 2Jacob Janssen and Cole Peterson, Des Lacs-Burlington; 3Arianna Larson and Haley Hove, Garrison.

Dynamic planet: 1Erin Richards and Reed Moseng, Magic City Campus; 2Faith Harron and Clara Derby, Bismarck Century; 3Megan MacPherson and Samantha Ellingworth, Central Campus.

Elastic launched glider: 1Brad Dean and Jacob Effertz, Velva; 2Ashley Libert and McKenna Thompson, TGU-Granville; 3Alex Matson, Carrington.

Entomology: 1Chloe Richards and Reed Moseng, Magic City Campus; 2Taylor Johnson and Abby Voight, Bismarck Century; 3Adele Malone and Hyacinth Percell, Central Campus.

Experimental design: 1Jessica Stevens, Hanna Wentz and Breann Lehner, Magic City Campus; 2Cassidy Peterson, David Larson and Isaac Effertz, Velva; 3David Larsen and Ashlynn Greaves, Ray.

Forensics: 1Amanda Kraft and Kaitlin Walker, Magic City Campus; 2Yasmine Mojica and Anah Farmer, Central Campus; 3Kayla Hochhalter and Hunter Stusynski, Carrington.

Geo logic mapping: 1Reed Moseng, Magic City Campus; 2Nigel Hageness and Chris Hamilton, Rugby; 3Douglas Angell and David Pellenwessel, Central Campus.

Mag lev: 1Brandon Christman, Magic City Campus; 2Ross Allmaras and Ryan Allmaras, Carrington; 3Nicholas Simms and Hyacinth Percell.

Mission possible: 1Douglas Angel, Central Campus; 2Drew Effertz and David Larson, Velva; 3Travis Huber and Joseph Knipp, Surrey.

Rocks and minerals: 1Joby Walker and Emily Beck, Magic City Campus; 2Morgan Coleman and Douglas Angell Jr., Central Campus; 3Katie Leary and Alex Bolton, Bismarck Century.

Scrambler: 1Travis Barnes, Magic City Campus; 2Bryce Florence and Brad Dean, Velva; 3Lane Bachmeier and Rylen Bachmeier, TGU-Granville.

Technical problem solving: 1Chloe Rickards and Joby Walter, Magic City Campus; 2Zachary Krill and David Pellenwessel, Central Campus; 3Brad Heidlebaugh and Noah Kraft, Rugby.

Water quality: 1Chloe Rickards and Brandon Christman, Magic City Campus; 2Lane Banister and Joseph Knipp, Surrey; 3Taylor Johnson and Abby Voigt, Bismarck Century.

Write It Do It: 1Sadie Hackman and Bryce Florence, Velva; 2Justin Merck and Aaron Sandy, Minot Ryan; 3Aubrey Johnson and Ally Gould, TGU-Towner.

Division B

Anatomy: 1Abby Folk and Rhett Pederson, Erik Ramstad Middle School; 2Elizabeth Rotherham and Jill Rotherham, Drake-Anamoose; 3Shirley Yang and Anne Johnson, Kenmare.

Boomilever: 1Mindee Boyce, Nedrose; 2Madison Solwey and Sean Nichols, Carrington; 3Ashley Vollmer and Johanna Lee, Velva.

Can’t Judge a Powder: 1Alexis Leier and Mya Stein, Nedrose; 2Ethan Buren and Gannon Miller, Erik Ramstad Middle School; 3Morgan Erickson and Ashley Vollmer, Velva.

Disease detective: 1Sidney Lovelace and Abigail Brady, Minot Ryan; 2Nathan Bail and Morgan Erickson, Velva; 3Maycee Odden and Sarah Lasarge, Nedrose.

Dynamic planet: 1Sam Keeling and Kaleb Beeter, Minot Ryan; 2Spencer Polsfut and Parker Polsfut, Nedrose; 3Madison Solwey and Willow Johnson, Carrington.

Entomology: 1Abbie McKay and Jose Antonio Cubias, Minot Ryan; 2Andrea Strange, South Prairie; 3Alexis Leier and Mya Stein, Nedrose.

Experimental design: 1Karena Verbitsky, Jayd Novak and Ethan Gibney, South Prairie; 2Nathan Bail, Morgan Erickson and Austin Schatz, Velva; 3Patrick Malnaa and Nathan Pellenwessel, Ramstad.

Helicopter: 1Melanie MacPherson and Makenna Hesch, Nedrose; 2Adam Gorseth and Connal Murphy, Carrington; 3Aaron Gochanour and Nicholas Burchant, Ramstad.

Heredity: 1McKenna Waugen and Madeliene Nichols, Carrington; 2Ashley Vollmer and Nicholas Effertz, Velva; 3Grace Bachmeier and Allison Cross, TGU-Granville.

Meteorology: 1Mindee Boyce and Katie Snyder, Nedrose; 2Madison Solwey and Emerson Hoornaert, Carrington; 3Cade Heilman and Thor Skjelver, Rugby.

Metric mastery: 1Nathan Bail and Graydon Olson, Velva; 2Cord Redding and Ben Van Berkom, Burlington-Des Lacs; 3Bryce Edland and Hayden Schmitz, Carrington.

Road scholar: 1Mason Dunn and Makenna Hesch, Nedrose; 2Shirley Yang and Anne Johnson, Kenmare; 3Gus Mantei and Graydon Olson, Velva.

Robo cross: 1Madeliene Nichols and Madeline Allmaras, Carrington; 2Hailee Miller and Kali Koetter, Nedrose; 3Patrick Malnaa and Rhett Pederson, Ramstad.

Rocks and minerals: 1Karena Verbitsky and Madison Cooper, South Prairie; 2Willow Johnson and Garrett Bickett, Carrington; 3Mason Dunn and Jayden Okeson, Nedrose.

Rotor egg drop: 1Hailee Miller and Sarah Lasarge, Nedrose; 2Garrett Bickett and Jayden Rosenau, Carrington; 3Kolter Schell and Cole Bethke, TGU-Towner.

Science crime busters: 1Lillian Martin and Elizabeth Rotherham, Drake-Anamoose; 2Caitlyn Vogel and Mikayla Wache, Burlington-Des Lacs; 3Alexis Leier and Mya Stein, Nedrose.

Solar system: 1Brett Berginski and Thor Skjelver, Rugby; 2Makenna Hesch and Spencer Polsfut, Nedrose; 3Corbin Wick and Christopher Ringrose, Ramstad.

Sound of music: 1Christopher Ringrose and Corbin Wick, Ramstad; 2Emerson Hoornaert and Madeliene Nichols, Carrington; 3Sarah Lasarge and Hailee Miller, Nedrose.

Wheeled vehicle: 1Sean Nichols and Jayden Rosenau, Carrington; 2Dinah Seastrand and Devynn Nordstrom, Ramstad; 3Hailee Miller and Kali Koetter, Nedrose.

Write It, Do It: 1Kade Leier and Cade Heilman, Rugby; 2Aaron Dean and Nick Effertz, Velva; 3Brock Bender and Lillian Martin, Drake-Anamoose.