Farewell to a friend

Earlier this month, The Minot Daily News, many members of its staff and many more members of the community gathered to say goodbye to Arlene Saugstad, who died March 16 at the age of 101.

Her “cultural” column has appeared on the last Thursday of each month in this space for several years, so we dedicate this space to her one more time.

It is a celebration of a person called – fittingly – a “life force” in Minot. It is also a gesture of gratitude toward Arlene and all her contributions to The Minot Daily News and the entire community.

Coincidentally, the file photo on the right appeared exactly 23 years ago today on the front page of the Prairie Lifestyles section of The Minot Daily News.

Goodbye, Miss Arlene. You will be missed – but certainly remembered fondly.