The week that was

WELCOME TO NORTH DAKOTA The next federal official to visit North Dakota will be the heads of the Federal Aviation Administration and the federal Transportation Department. FAA Administrator Michael Huerta will visit Grand Forks April 21 to check out the state’s growing unmanned aircraft industry. The FAA in 2013 named North Dakota as one of six states that will be test sites for using drones in commercial airspace. Huerta will also visit Williston to get a first-hand look at the infrastructure issues that city is facing with the booming oil industry in western North Dakota. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Williston is the fastest-growing micropolitan area in the country, and airline passenger boardings have skyrocketed in recent years. Transportation?Secretary Anthony Foxx will visit Casselton April 24 to visit with local leaders and get an update on the community’s rail safety concerns following the derailment of an oil train on Dec. 24. We’re glad the federal officials are making it a priority to get out and visit these North Dakota locations, and we hope the visits translate into real knowledge of the challenges faced by cities in our state.

SAY IT ISN’T SO A?private liberal arts college in New York will offer a summer course on Miley Cyrus. Yep, a professor is actually scheduled to teach “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus:?Race, Class, Gender and Media” this summer. Twerking will not be required coursework, college officials said. The professor, Carolyn Chernoff, says the class will focus on the performer’s many incarnations while studying topics that include gender, race, fame and power. All we can say is, wow. What’s next, a graduate course studying the effects of Snooki on society? Perhaps the sociological importance of Justin?Bieber’s hair would make a good class, too. Give us a break. Is there really nothing better to teach our children?