We need more facts

Kevin P. Nelson, Minot

Only a few months ago, a bond issue for the building of new school facilities failed to pass in Minot. I was surprised at that time about the lack of information on the specifics of the project. Bits and pieces appeared but I could never find a detailed synopsis of the entire proposal. Perhaps I missed it. I was told that school children brought information home, but that only informs a limited portion of the voting populace.

We are now nearing the date of another vote on a much smaller and less ambitious building plan. Once again, information does not seem to be forthcoming. If there is a plan to present this, my apologies. However, people aren’t going to clamor to attend public meetings on the subject, it is simpler to just vote no.

The past week, The Minot Daily News printed about a half a page on several occasions showing the pairings of the NCAA basketball tournament. It would seem reasonable that some space could be found to print a comprehensive summary of the project proposed. Maps of the school’s proposed location and showing the area from which children would attend the new school would be nice, as would a floor plan of the new school. Estimated costs and projected tax increases, information on projected staff increases, perhaps a table of pros and cons of the proposal, and maybe even statements from several individuals who are in favor of or oppose the project. In other words, print all information available.

I am personally in favor of this construction, but if information to “sell” this proposal isn’t presented, I can only anticipate it being defeated.