A strong send-off

Minot city manager David Waind received a strong send-off at a retirement ceremony that drew family, friends, community leaders and many current and previous co-workers.

“He had a great run with the city,” said Robert Schempp, who served as city manager when Waind was serving as city clerk and human resources manager and later assistant manager.

Waind started as a six-month intern in 1974, returning in 1979 to eventually become the city’s third longest-serving city manager with 17 years in the office.

“In order to serve as long as he did, you have to have a love for the job and the people who are serving,” Schempp said. “It’s a credit to the person and the city.”

Lt. Col. Jorge Jimenez, commander of the 5th Comptroller Squadron at Minot Air Force Base said Waind, who was Minot’s honorary commander for his squadron, was a role model in embracing him into the community and opening his home to his family.

“You create a lot of impressions of the community based on the individual. The city of Minot could not have given me anyone with higher values and commitment than Dave,” Jimenez said.

On behalf of the squadron, Jimenez presented Waind with a photo of the squadron and a commander’s coin, a traditional parting gift. He also gave another gift traditional to Minot AFB a Tundra Survival Certificate. The certificate documented that since 1974, Waind survived 1,492 days below zero, 1,567.5 inches of snowfall and temperatures as cold as 40 below.