Honoring all our veterans

Last week’s local tribute to Vietnam War veterans was yet another powerful reminder of the need to remember and thank those who served and their families.

The gathering drew hundreds of veterans and their family members to share stories of good times and bad with each other. Clint Romesha, who received a Medal of Honor in 2013 for his actions during the 2009 battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan, addressed the crowd. He offered heartfelt thanks to the veterans, telling them “Welcome home.” Romesha also talked about the “dark time” in United States history when Vietnam veterans weren’t thanked for their service, reminding those in attendance that Vietnam veterans were always present at send-offs and welcome home events when he was on active duty.

Romesha perhaps summed up the day’s welcoming feeling with words from Abraham Lincoln: “A nation that forgets its heroes will not long endure.”

He is right, of course, and here in Minot those words certainly ring true as the city continues to enjoy a solid and ongoing relationship with those who serve at Minot Air Force Base. To all of those who served in the past and to those who presently serve in all branches of the armed forces, we say thank you.