Supporting proposed daycare

We encourage the Minot City Council to approve a recommendation from the Minot Planning Commission to allow construction of a child-care center in northwest Minot.

The proposed 240-child daycare, which would be built just off 21st Avenue Northwest and east of 21st Street, drew some complaints from area residents at the commission meeting Monday. Potential neighbors said the project would increase traffic in the area, and noted that lighting and noise would also be concerns.

We don’t entirely discount neighborhood concerns when new projects are proposed. They should be listened to and addressed in a professional manner. But the area in question isn’t exactly a quiet, pristine area at the moment. To the east, a number of large multi-family housing units have been built with more under construction. Single-family homes already exist to the west of the proposed location. Traffic on 21st Avenue has increased dramatically with the addition of the new Marketplace and other businesses, not to mention the numerous multi-family housing units under construction in the area.

Would the child-care facility increase traffic in the area? Absolutely. But would traffic also increase if a different type of business or more homes and apartments were built in the area in question? Absolutely.

We’re glad the area residents have the chance to voice their opposition, but we believe the proposed location would be an appropriate site for the daycare facility. As Minot’s population continues to grow, so does the need for child-care services. The proposed 33,000-square-foot center would greatly help alleviate the daycare shortage in this area. We encourage the full city council to approve the project.