River Front and Center looks ahead

The River Front and Center open house this past week gave area residents a chance to take a glimpse at a potential future view of neighborhoods near the Souris River throughout the city.

The concept, which was drafted with input from residents of six neighborhoods in the valley and the downtown area, includes major changes to a variety of locations, including many of Minot’s park areas.

Moose Park could be expanded, access improved to Nubbin and Riverside parks and adding neighborhood access to Oak?Park’s east side were just some of the ideas included in the concept. The plan also included three different uses for the land formerly occupied by Erik?Ramstad Middle School, including turning the area into a park or a site for single-family homes or townhomes.

Certainly at least some of the redevelopment plan depends on what the city’s flood control project eventually looks like, but the idea is to give residents information and options to study. The final concept plan will be reviewed by city staff before it is presented to the Minot Planning Commission and the city council.

Obviously, the project will take a lot of time, effort and, perhaps most importantly, funding before it ever becomes reality. But much work has already gone into the redevelopment concept, and we hope residents continue to offer their input.