Cookies and tulips to brighten the day

A group of Girl Scouts helped brighten the day of patients going through cancer treatments by not just their smiling faces and boisterous behavior, but also through cookies and flowers. Girl Scouts from the Minot Air Force Base and from Minot presented cookies and vased tulips to patients at Trinity Cancer Care Center Wednesday afternoon.

Boxes of Girl Scout cookies and yet-to-bloom tulips in vases were nearly blocking the walkway at Trinity Cancer Care Center before being carted off to distribute to patients at a later time. Girl Scout members collected donations for the cookies and planted the tulips in the vases and decided to give them away as a troop.

Dani Ranger, leader of Girl Scout Troop 10099 from the Minot Air Force Base, said that as a cancer survivor, Girl Scout cookies and flowers would have brightened her day when going through treatments. “I wanted the girls to see that it would make people feel better,” she added, by giving patients at Trinity Cancer Care Center cookies and flowers. Ranger had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma when she was 34 years old.

There is another leader of Girl Scout Troop 10099, Ranger said, whose mother recently died from cancer, but who felt it was too emotional and difficult to be at the event on Wednesday. “It meant a lot to her to see the girls here,” she added.

Ranger said she can see the girls’ leadership skills coming out after participating in this activity. The Girl Scout members have also learned what they can do to make the community a better place, she continued. “Everyone learns a lot.”

Giving away the cookies and tulips to people with cancer felt amazing, but also heartbreaking, Ranger said. “Cancer can strike anyone. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither do Girl Scouts.” She added that it also felt good to give back to the community, though.