Better to cry wolf than to cry later

In case you hadn’t noticed, Minot and the surrounding area is becoming a dangerous place to live.

We noticed on social media a snowbird living in Arizona who has concerns about coming home for the summer.

We wish we could say the old gal was worried about nothing. But we can’t.

Just last week another Minot home was broken into while the owners were there.

Now, Tuesday morning, just after midnight, a man was arrested for and stands accused of criminal trespass for allegedly attempting to gain access to several Minot homes through basement windows while people were home.

Just a few weeks ago the issue was a shooter or shooters taking potshots at occupied homes, and not with BB or paintball guns like kids used to misbehave with. With real firearms.

About the same time there was a rash of brazen fuel thefts out in the county. What landowner would want to come across thieves, probably armed thieves, in their farmyard in the middle of the night, or in broad daylight for that matter.

Answers? We each have our own, for sure.

Let’s all make one of them public vigilance. Report suspicious behavior even if you are afraid you might just be an old guy or gal afraid for nothing. It’s better to “cry wolf” now than all of us cry later because in the direction we are headed some innocent is going to get hurt.