Pitbull injures two

A pitbull has been quarantined at the Minot pound to be observed for 10 days following an attack on another dog that resulted in injuries to the other dog and two women trying to separate the dogs.

According to the Minot Police Department, Joni Moen, 52, was walking her dog along 23rd Avenue Southwest Tuesday around 7:15 p.m. when a pitbull ran from a nearby garage and attacked her dog, causing lacerations to its neck. Moen had her own fingers bitten when she got the pitbull to let go of her dog. The temporary caretaker for the dog, Nancy Tofteland, 54, also tried to help and was bitten in her calf causing deep lacerations. Another neighbor tried to fend off the dog with an aluminum bat.

The pitbull’s owner, Colin Tofteland, 26, Oregon, who was visiting his mother, Nancy, was away from the site at the time but was later able to produce proof of vaccinations for his dog. He was cited for vicious animals declared a nuisance.