Municipal Court 4/11/14

Wednesday Dispositions

Drove a motor vehicle under the influence Spotted Horse Marie Katelin, 24, 300-27th Ave. NW, Unit 1, $750 fine, $25 court fee, obtain chemical dependency evaluation, two days; Christopher Adrian Rivera, 24, 705 Park St., Unit 234, $750 fine, $25 court fee, also drove with suspended or revoked license, $200 fine.

In actual physical control of a motor vehicle Rodney Young, 52, no fixed address, $1,500 fine, $25 court fee, enroll in 24/7 state sobriety program for one year, obtain chemical dependency evaluation, 10 days, credit for two days, also possession of marijuana, $500 fine, eight days, time concurrent.

Petty theft to $250 Juanita Jean Oothoudt, 35, New Town, $300 fine, $25 court fee, five days suspended; Jordan David Pederson, 18, 3100-11th Ave. SE, Unit 14, $300 fine, 10 days suspended, also unlawful possession of alcohol, $150 fine, $25 court fee, attend minor in possession seminar; Mishae Tychelle Roper, 18, Bottineau, $300 fine, $25 court fee; Chanraterna Jhonny Sen, 26, Burnet, Calif., $200 fine, $25 court fee.

Criminal mischief Joseph Peter Lima III, 30, 107 Spruce St., Unit 2, $150 fine, $25 court fee, restitution to be determined at hearing.

Drove with suspended or revoked license Russell Eric Cooksey, 45, 1117-9th St. NW, $150 fine, $25 court fee; Robert Scott Dotson, 39, 1208 Adams Ave., $150 fine, $25 court fee; Ryan James Forsman, 33, 3813 Blue Bell Drive, $300 fine, $25 court fee; Van Thomas Goodman, 23, no fixed address, $150 fine, $25 court fee; James Earl Webster LaFontaine, 34, 2609-5th St. NW, $500 fine, $25 victim-witness fee, four days; Sam Malick Mamadou, 43, 518-1st St. SE, Unit 4, $150 fine, $25 court fee; Clayton Oothoudt, 45, Cass Lake, Minn., $200 fine, $25 court fee; Sean Laurent Thomas, 30, no fixed address, $350 fine, $25 court fee, turn in plates; Larry Howard Werth, 46, 309-4th St. SW, $500 fine, $25 court fee, five days suspended, also bench warrant for failure to appear for court appearance, $50 fine.

Drove with canceled or revoked altered plate or card Sean Michael Wicklander, 44, 2011-12th St. NW, $300 fine, $25 court fee.

Possession of marijuana Marc Christopher McGhee, 41, 1200 Glacier Drive, Unit 3, $400 fine, $25 court fee.

Bench warrant for failure to pay fines Chad Lynn Christensen, 34, 1325-27th St. SE, Unit 523, three days, credit for two days; Timothy Chrishaod Smith, 29, 18-8th St. NE, 10 days suspended.