Silver Springs soon to start on townhouses

SURREY Silver Springs Development is adding new housing to Surrey, a community seven miles east of Minot along U.S. Highway 2.

The OBASA Group’s Silver Springs Development Inc. is advertised as “city close, country quiet.” The OBASA Group, Silver Springs’ parent company, is based in Saskatoon, Sask.

Rich Priesing, vice president of The OBASA Group, who is located at the company’s office on the east side of Minot, said infrastructure for the Silver Springs project started in July 2012.

Currently, he said, in an April 4 interview, there are 200 lots in some form of development.

Ninety-three of them are finished lots complete with paving. More than 50 of those are either sold or in escrow. He said they have about 30 homes either under construction or occupied right now.

Priesing said the prices of the homes range from about $240,000 on up to just over $400,000. “We have a good range of homes,” he said.

Silver Springs has a variety of lots.

“We have smaller lots for first-time/second-time buyers and we have some quarter-acre lots with walk-out basements that back up to our park,” Priesing said.

The company has a park site in an open area between sections of homes.

“Part of it is wetlands where we’re in process of developing a trail system. We’ve preserved the trees and the natural landscape that’s out there. There’s all kinds of trees.”

The area has some upscale work besides the development of the park, including a large perimeter sound wall and a huge monument that carries the development’s name, Silver Springs.

“When we first started offering it for sale a lot of people were skeptical. They’d say, ‘Well, it’s too far away. There’s not enough going on.’ Now that we’ve developed all of this park and infrastructure, the sound wall, the homes are going in, people come out and they say, ‘Wow, this is really nice. This is a place to be,'” Priesing said.

Priesing said they have another 175 single-family lots to develop in addition to the present 200.

Customers have a few different ways to have a home at Silver Springs.

“They can come buy a lot and hire their own builder, they can come to us and we can put them in touch with a builder to build it or we can build it for them. The houses have to meet certain guidelines quality, size and so forth,” Priesing said. “Modulars, as long as they’re done right, are fine” but no mobile homes, he said.

Six active companies, who subcontract with numerous companies, are building homes at the site. He said the subcontractors are “about half and half” from the local area and from out-of-town.

Townhouse project

The developers are also getting ready to start a townhouse project with 112 townhouse lots. The townhouse area is west of the single-family housing areas.

“We have one unit that’s going to be single level, two-bedroom, two-bath. It’s designed for somebody who wants single-level living and may have a need down the road to have accessible living so we’ll make the doors wider and the kitchen a little bigger. And then we have two- and three-bedroom units on the interior,” Priesing said.

The apartments will be six-plex buildings with two- and three-bedroom units. All units will have two baths and most have two-car garages.

Priesing said the prices of the townhouses will start from the high $180,000s to $190,000/$195,000 and go up to the low $200,000s. “They’re designed to be more affordable,” he said.

The infrastructure work for the townhouses will probably start in May or June and the work on the first units in August or September.

Silver Springs also has an apartment site but no work has been done there yet, although they are in discussions with a couple groups in regard to it. “The land is available,” Priesing said.

Between the two single-family housing areas and the townhouse areas, there will be about 700 people living at Silver Springs, Priesing estimated.

“The first section will probably have, when it’s fully occupied, around 250 residents in it. That’s just the east area Brookside. The area east of it, called Stonebrook, will probably have another 250 people. The townhouses we expect another 200. The apartment area will depend on how many units would be built there,” Priesing said.

The Silver Springs Development area is less than a mile from the town hall in Surrey.

“Down the road, we do have commercial area. We have a big section of 25 acres zoned for commercial, and we hope at some point we can get a grocery store and some other retail services in there for residents,” Priesing said.