Tioga water OK, no residents hospitalized

TIOGA Testing at multiple points in the municipal water supply downstream from the possible chemical contamination of the Tioga Townhomes apartment complex in northeast Tioga has determined that the general water supply has not been compromised.

“From what I have been told, all I know is that the rest of the municipal water supply is fine. No contaminations. They do still have the block where those three six-plexes are isolated from the system,” said Nathan Germundson, the president of the Tioga City Commission.

Testing on the lines running to the units from the municipal main line will be conducted by the North Dakota Department of Health today, according to Germundson.

Officials had been advised of the possible compromise on Thursday and began to inform the 20 residents of the complex that they may have been poisoned. It is feared that chemicals composed of antifreeze, diesel fuel, gasoline or a mixture of those were used to de-ice water lines in the complex.

A representative of Tioga Medical Center has said that at least three residents have come in for testing and while he doesn’t know of their test results he does know that none were admitted to the center as a result of testing, which is good news as far as likelihood of poisoning goes.

Until all testing is complete residents are staying at area hotels, with friends or family or wherever they can because the water has been shut off to the units.