County approves Kenmare road project

Ward County and the City of Kenmare are cooperating on a $3.58 million road project through the city.

The Ward County Commission accepted the bid of Wagner Construction on Tuesday to reconstruct just under a mile of Ward County Road 2 and urbanize the portion that runs through Kenmare.

Kenmare will contribute $375,000 and will repay the county over five years for half of about $700,000 in additional cost associated with reconstructing with concrete rather than asphalt. The city’s preferred concrete, which has a longer life than asphalt, for the road that carries heavy truck traffic.

The project also will use $1.3 million in oil impact funds, with the remainder of the cost coming from county sales tax.

In a separate project, the county will replace a deficient bridge located on another portion of Ward County Road 2 near Kenmare, using largely federal aid funds.

The county accepted a bid on a road raise in Rushville Township that will cost the township $29,000 after the federal match. The road required a previous emergency road raise and erosion repair due to flooding, costing about $42,000.

County engineer Dana Larsen said the cost of emergency and permanent work eats up nearly two years of income in the township’s annual budget. The highway department is loaning money with interest to the township.