Not again: The trouble with late spring

Here we go again, at least it seems so. Another late spring, something I have come to both expect and despise in North Dakota. I know others share similar thoughts, especially those who endure our winters by reminding themselves that spring and summer will be a wonderful time to be outside and do the things we so enjoy.

Then comes the type of spring we’ve had so far, snowfall this past week and shorefishing halted due to a refreeze along open shorelines. Great. Just great. Pretty patient, huh?

Really, this is the time of year when anyone wishing to get outdoors, whether it be yard work or fishing at a favorite lake, has waited long enough. For some of us it is excruciating and yet we repeat the process more often than we would like to admit. Why?

The answer is probably a bit different for everybody. Most, I think, regard spring and summer as a wonderful reward for putting up with winter. When those seasons – especially spring – don’t live up to our expectations it is a miserable downer. If summer doesn’t well, I don’t want to go there. According to the calendar, it’s still spring.

Easter Sunday, today, has often been the bearer of delightful spring weather. Forecasters say that’s the case this year. Our weather outlook now is more favorable than it has been for several weeks. Let’s enjoy it and hope that our nice weather is not just another ghastly tease that is a prelude to getting plastered with another dose of winter-like conditions.

North Dakotans have seen that happen time and time again over the years. However, like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, we continue to believe it’ll be different this time. I sure hope so. Maybe it’s that optimism that defines North Dakotans. Maybe it’s because we have no say anyway.

One thing is for certain, as soon as conditions permit our state residents will launch an assault on state waters and parks. Summer means fun outdoors. When spring permits an early start it is a bonus. Who doesn’t like a bonus?

There’s something else, too. Every year I find myself wishing for an earlier arrival of spring, which only makes waiting for nice weather all that much worse. Heck, if it was up to me, spring in North Dakota would start about March 1. I may contact my legislators to see if they are willing to sponsor a bill requiring the same. It’s worth a try.

Admittedly, I’m whining a bit. Don’t think others aren’t too. After all, this is a very difficult time of year for all of us who want to break out of the winter doldrums and enjoy the outdoors without pushing a snowblower or drilling a hole through thick lake ice.