Keystone waffling continues

The Obama administration continued to kick the Keystone XL pipeline project down the road last week, with its announcement late Friday that there will be an indefinite extension of the government’s review of the project.

No one seems to be happy with the decision.

Supporters of the long-delayed project, which would move oil from Canada to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast, are angy with another delay, this one sure to push any final decision on the project’s approval to sometime after the November midterm elections.

Opponents of the project, who argue that the pipeline could potentially be an environmental disaster waiting to happen and scoff at the estimated economic impact on the United States, are mad at Obama for not having the courage to reject the project outright.

The Obama administration said the delay is necessary to give federal agencies more time to weigh in on the matter, although no one knows how long this delay will last. Officials also said the delay announced Friday is needed to allow Nebraska’s Supreme Court time to hear an appeal of a judge’s ruling that overturned a state law allowing the pipeline to be built through Nebraska.

We’re sorry, but we’ve heard this all before from the Obama administration, and the story is getting more tired and harder to believe every time we hear it repeated. Enough already.

We marvel at the administration’s continued ability to ignore information from its own State Department that the project poses no significant environmental risk. And despite claims by opponents to the contrary, the January report also estimated the project would generate about 1,950 annual construction jobs in Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas over a two-year period and contribute about $3.4 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product. It would generate about 50 jobs once in operation.

How much longer can Obama continue to waffle on this project?