Critical asset to our state

Sen. Tim Flakoll, Fargo, Rep. Mark Sanford, Grand Forks

The Higher Education Funding Interim Committee just completed a meeting hosted by Minot State University. The hospitality shown our committee, coupled with the great facilities and organization provided by the university, received kudos from all of the committee members and the legislative staff.

It was exciting to walk the campus and see the highly functional facilities and beautiful grounds. Minot State is an impressive place to visit and our time on campus reinforced our opinion that dedicated faculty and staff at Minot State are driven each day to ensure academic excellence.

We enjoyed the opportunity to review the post-flood response of the university and community. Remarkable progress has occurred. Minot area legislators made a strong case for state funding for the university post flood and the results of the university’s use of those funds, as well as other funding received, demonstrate the many good decisions made by university leaders. Minot State continues to be a student-centered campus that is always pushing to be on the cutting edge of delivering a high quality education experience.

We want to extend a special thank you to David Fuller for his years of service as president of Minot State. His leadership and commitment to student excellence have been critical components in the university’s continued service to our state. It is clear that he and his administrative team care deeply about the university and community. We thank him for his many contributions to the university and to our state and extend best wishes as he enters the next chapter of his life.

The higher education system is a critical asset for our state. Minot State University is a strong and vital piece of that system and our visit confirmed that the university is ready and willing to continue its leadership role going forward.