‘Let’s Clean R Up’

We applaud the Minot City Council’s decision Monday night to put some money behind the effort to clean up abandoned properties in the flood zone.

The council’s decision will use $74,000 in sales tax receipts to help clean up the most urgent locations. It doesn’t necessarily mean the structures will be razed, rather the properties will hopefully be cleaned up and secured. There are far too many locations in the flood zone that have become unsightly and unsafe, with broken windows, unsecured basements and unkempt yards.

A community group had turned in petitions with 1,000 signatuares of residents who wanted the city to take more action to clean up the properties, and some in attendance at Monday’s council meeting wore “Let’s Clean R’ Up” lapel pins.

Granted, some of the work will take some time to complete, but Monday’s decision means the city can move forward with addressing some immediate concerns, such as fencing around potentially dangerous structures and other work. The $74,000 won’t completely solve the issues regarding abandoned flood properties, but it’s certainly a positive step in addressing the situation.