Regional Briefs

‘Doc Walk’ set for Wednesday

Dr. Dawn Mattern, sports medicine physician at Trinity Health, will host Minot’s fifth annual Doc Walk on Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Oak Park. The walk serves as the kick off to Exercise is Medicine Month, an awareness drive that focuses on regular physical activity as a key ingredient in preventing and treating disease.

Mattern said that despite considerable evidence that exercise improves health, most people don’t achieve the recommended minimum dose of 150 minutes per week for adults and one hour per day for children.

“We’re actually seeing the trend lines moving in the wrong direction for young people, with the elimination of physical education classes in some parts of the country, combined with video games replacing outdoor play and other physical activities,” Mattern said. “The net result is a level of inactivity that some now refer to as an inactivity epidemic.”

Exercise is Medicine urges healthcare providers to treat physical activity as another vital sign, like blood pressure or heart rate, and to make physical activity a part of the discussion at every doctor visit. The American College of Sports Medicine, chief sponsor of Exercise is Medicine Month, cites research showing that a low level of physical activity exposes a patient to a greater risk of dying than just about any other risk factor.

Voter ID deadline Saturday

New North Dakota residents or residents who have moved need to update their identification information by Saturday to be eligible to vote in the June 10 primary and local elections. Residents must have lived in their precinct for 30 days to vote in that location.

People can contact the North Dakota Department of Transportation or use the department’s online services to update information on their driver’s or non-driver’s cards and get their current addresses in the polling system.

Identification must include name, residential address and date of birth.

Acceptable forms of identification in addition to a driver’s license or non-driver’s identification card are a tribal government issued identification card and long-term care identification certificate provided by a North Dakota facility. College and university students need a student identification certificate from their institution to vote in that location.

Acceptable forms of identification for absentee or mail voting include any of the above or an attester, who must provide his or her name, North Dakota driver’s license, non-driver’s license or tribal identification number and sign the absentee/mail ballot application form.

Construction on Burdick Expressway

Ongoing construction will affect access to Roosevelt Park Zoo over the next week, according to a press release issued by the zoo.

Two lanes of traffic on Burdick Expressway will be closed and the only way to enter the zoo lot will be to approach from the east on Burdick Expressway.