State isn’t a dump site

Nancy Bommelman, Minot

Who do these oil field companies think they are? Now they are putting oil socks in abandoned farm houses. This is not a dump; this is where we live and raise our children.

If the oil field companies are too cheap to hire somebody to haul this somewhere and they won’t, then stop drilling. Whoever dropped off those oil socks should get arrested for attempted murder. Do they know how much damage that can do to a person?

It’s awful that it has come to this that the companies think we are nothing but a dump state. They should all be fined so much money that maybe they will think next time they do something stupid. For all the money that is coming out of the fields, there should be no excuse to not pay somebody good money to do their job right. Of course money talks; we are never going to know who did the dumping. Some company or person will get their pockets lined to keep their mouth shut and the dumping will continue.

Think of all the socks we haven’t found yet. Think of what that is doing to the people that live around there. In five or so years when some people get cancer from all the radioactive waste, we can go after them and they’ll say, “We don’t know what you’re talking about” or “We didn’t do it, wasn’t us.” We need to find out and let the public know who is doing the dumping, so we can go after them ourselves.

What a shame the state allows this to happen. Brush it under the rug, let somebody else handle it, line the pockets of the government. Idiots, that’s the word that comes to my mind.