Controlling the weather

Mike Schauer, Mandan

It is about time that we have a president and an administration that will actually do something about this crazy and chaotic weather that is plaguing this side of our hemisphere. Who would of thought that by empowering the Environmental Protection Agency to impose more regulations on coal-fired electrical plants and taxing the production and consumption of fossil fuels at a higher rate than they are now will put an end to the violent weather we are experiencing? Just think, if the EPA succeeds in shutting down these nasty coal-fired plants, there will be no more hurricanes developing in the south Atlantic. There will be no more tornadoes to ravage “tornado alley.” There will be no more droughts like California is experiencing now. No more blizzards, floods and the cost associated with cleanups and repairs. No more disaster relief requests. Life will be worth living again.

The weather and all the calamities that are associated with it have been decimating the human race for centuries, It’s about time we put an end to all this destruction. Changes in the weather patterns were caused by a phenomenon called “global warming,” then it got worse, so climatologists started calling it “climate change,” now, it’s so bad they call it “climate disruption.”

These people are brilliant. I can’t believe that the solution is so simple as more taxes and regulation to control the weather. Where and how do I sign up?