City Hall shenanigans

Barbara Bethel, Minot

I have been proud of my “adopted” city, and the city council and staff until this week.

The action of the council on Monday night was incomprehensible. To agree to fire the city attorney after only a month, on the advice (word) of one person?

In the short time Colleen Auer was city attorney we saw large movement in the issue of ridding the city of abandoned properties. Laws were found and notices were planned to start this process, after three long years.

Maybe the person who should be under review is Cindy Hemphill. This person has already cost the taxpayers of Minot enough money in the past few months.

She put the city through the expense of a search for a city manager, and when chosen, only days after she had stood up at a public meeting of all finalists and stated her intentions for the position, turned it down!

Now we have the expense of another search for a city manager, because it was stated neither of the other finalists were suited for the job. I would also like to know who made that determination and was Hemphill party to this determination?

If this situation with Auer is not settled out of court it will cost the taxpayers of Minot more money.

We are told the city only has $74,000 to take care of the abandoned properties. No wonder precious city funds are being spent to pay for situations brought on by Hemphill.

Maybe the wrong person was fired. I dare say there are more than a few people in Minot who would be more than happy to walk in to her office (without a police escort, and that is whole other question that needs to be answered) and fire her.