Notice a pattern?

Matthew Rothchild, Cambridge, Minn.

I recently read somewhere a piece about the Obama administration waging a “War on Coal” and a “War on Prosperity.” As one who regularly demands my now estranged conservative brethren to adopt more robust rhetorical standards, I’d like to point something out.

Don’t worry so much.

We hear all the time from the conservative “side” that government rarely does anything right and displays ineptitude at virtually every turn. Consider what’s happened other times someone in government decided to prosecute a “war” on something: we’ve had a “War on Poverty” since the early 1960s and now have more poverty; we have a “War on Drugs” and now have more drugs; we have a “War on Terror” and now have more terror; there’s even been an intermittent “War on Guns,” depending on the preferences of those in power and now have more firearms. Notice a pattern here?

Given the fact that these “wars” have been such spectacular failures and resulted in the exact opposite on what was intended, perhaps Obama should be encouraged to double down on his wars on coal and prosperity. While he’s at it, maybe he could do a “War on Money, a “War on Jobs”, a “War on Optimism”, and a “War on Hope.” Given the stratospheric level of incompetence already demonstrated by the Obama Administration, such wars should turn the country around in no time!