Kevin Cramer is dedicated

Joan Von Rueden, Bismarck

I was impressed by Kevin Cramer’s response to a challenge by his opponent at the recent North Dakota Newspaper Association debate where Congressman Cramer told the audience about giving a month’s salary or more to charity each year.

As a long-time public official, Cramer has given decades of service to our state and forewent more lucrative career opportunities in the private sector. Instead, the congressman gave to the public by developing economic opportunities in energy and tourism, and leading North Dakota’s Honor Flight program, which, at no cost, gave World War II veterans the opportunity to visit the memorial in the their name in Washington, D.C.

Cramer’s commitment to keeping their roots in North Dakota makes the congressman’s charitable donations all the more impressive. He isn’t a multimillionaire but he still gives a large portion of his income to those who need it most. Most of all, he chose to be charitable without issuing a press release.

Thank you, congressman, for your dedication to North Dakota in time, leadership, and charity.