Fuller’s getting ready to say goodbye to MSU

Minot State University President David Fuller is getting ready to say goodbye to the university he has headed for a decade.

“It’s been a fun 10 years,” said Fuller, who attended a retirement party at the university on Thursday. “I”m proud of where the school is at.”

Fuller said he believes that the strategic plan the university developed a few years ago has helped the university grow and improve. Enrollment is starting to pick up again following the catastrophic Souris River flood of three years ago and the university is more solid financially. Fuller said he believes he will be leaving the university in good shape when he officially retires on July 1.

Fuller said his plans for the immediate future are to head back to Nebraska and help his father-in-law, who lost his wife of 71 years just last week. Fuller and his wife Nancy will remain there for a time.

Fuller said he also has other plans for his retirement, either here in Minot or in Bemidji, Minn. He wants to volunteer his time on different projects, such as walking dogs at the Humane Society or helping out at the Homeless Coalition. He has always told his students to give back and he wants to put his words into action.

Fuller, a Henry David Thoreau scholar, said he would also like to do some writing and research on Thoreau.

Fuller said he is confident that the university will be in good hands with incoming president Steve Shirley, whom he has known for years. Shirley has been president at Valley City State University for the past years and Fuller and Shirley have worked together.