Dimes for babies

The Loaf & Jug convenience store located at 409 E. Burdick Expy. is number 10 in the nation of Loaf & Jug stores raising money for the March of Dimes.

Thursday was the last day customers could contribute. The Minot store hung cardboard squares with customers’ names on them from the ceiling every time they donated one dollar.

According to Rick Peckham, store manager for Loaf & Jug on Burdick Expressway, Minot has two Loaf & Jug stores in the top 10 in the nation for Loaf & Jug stores. The Burdick Expressway store was in the number one spot, while the North Broadway store was in the fifth spot for tops in the nation for those stores. This sort of thing happened a couple of years ago, he added, when the store on North Broadway was number one.

“It’s all about raising money for March of Dimes and the customers,” Peckham said. The store on Burdick Expressway probably has the least foot traffic, he said, but the customers here have the biggest hearts.

Donating to the March of Dimes is a corporate decision and the convenience store chain has donated to that organization for several years.

“The March of Dimes is a great organization and I can’t say enough about it,” Peckham said. “Lots of kids in Minot have been helped by the organization.”

Loaf & Jug started collecting donations for the March of Dimes on March 21. As of 3:15 p.m. on May 8, Peckham said the Burdick Expressway store had raised $3,400.

Some customers donated more than once, and some even donated two or three times in one day, Peckham said.

“The customers really opened their hearts and pocketbooks,” he added. “It makes me glad to live in Minot.”