Hammond upgrades welcome

Minot’s Hammond Park is getting a major upgrade, and the end results will be good for the recreation enthusiasts in the area.

The site’s tennis courts and basketball courts have been removed, and work is progressing on the new amenities. The location used to have eight tennis courts and two basketball courts. When finished, the area will have 10 new tennis courts, including two courts with lighting and seating for spectators. Two new basketball courts will be built west of the former location, on the opposite side of 1st Street Northeast. There will also be a new picnic shelter and playground constructed next to the new basketball courts.

When finished, the site will be a great addition to the city’s list of recreation locations. The additional two tennis courts means the site will be able to host numerous tournaments. The seating and lighting will be used whenever Minot High School or other area tennis teams play matches at Hammond Park. In addition, a building will be constructed at the site to serve as a tournament headquarters when necessary. The current playground area and picnic shelter located east of the tennis courts will remain in place.

At a time when Minot’s population continues to grow, we’re happy to see the expansion of some of the city’s outdoor amenities. We have no doubt that the tennis courts and basketball courts will be busy when the project is completed, which is scheduled for Sept. 30. We hear far too often claims of “there’s nothing to do in Minot.” We realize that updating the facilities at Hammond Park is simply one project, but the changes nonetheless send a message that the city is trying to provide a wide variety of activities for residents of the area.