Deadline approaches for FEMA unit removal

Minot residents who still have Federal Emergency Management Agency units on their private lots will need to remove them by June 1 or be cited for a zoning violation.

The city has allowed the FEMA units by permit to give residents additional time to repair their homes after the 2011 flood. Those permits expire June 1.

City engineer Lance Meyer said the city issued about 43 permits for the units. More than 30 units still remain.

Meyer said unpermitted units will be in violation of the city zoning code and subject to a $1,500 fine and/or 30 days in jail for a Class B misdemeanor. He said the city would be notifying unit owners found to be in violation, and if they fail to act, they could have their units impounded at their expense along with the misdemeanor penalty.

Meyer told the Minot City Council at a special meeting Thursday that a process for handling lingering FEMA units will come before council committee later this month.

The city has sent letters to permit holders to inform them of the deadline and inquire as to their status or projected hardships. Meyer said only one owner has responded to indicate a need for an extension due to the work continuing on the permanent residence. Staff plan to bring the extension request to the council for consideration.