The week that was

MUSEUM OPENS The long-awaited Sept. 11 museum opened this week in?New York to allow victims’ friends, relatives, rescue workers and survivors an opportunity to visit before the official public opening takes place later this week. Those who visited the museum said it was an overwhelming and emotional process, according to an Associated Press story. The museum includes a wide variety of artifacts from the terrorist attacks of 2001, including large columns from the World Trade Center. But there are also smaller, more personal items in the museum, including a wedding ring, a voice mail from a victim and at least one New York Police Department shield. Nearly 3,000 people were killed in the attacks. The museum officially opens to the public on Wednesday. There are no doubt survivors and family members of victims that won’t be able to visit the museum, while others will need to visit to feel closer to those lost in the attack. The museum will forever be a place of healing and rememberance.

FEMA DEADLINE COMING SOON For Minot residents with Federal Emergency Management Agency housing units still on their private lots, June 1 is fast approaching. That’s the deadline by which FEMA?units must be removed, or residents face a zoning violation. The city has extended deadlines to allow residents more time to recover from the 2011 Souris River flood, but the last permits issued to about 43 residents will expire June 1. The city has said that about 30 FEMA?units still remain on private lots in the city. No doubt the extensions were necessary for a lot of Minot residents, but the city said only one owner has said they might need an extension past June 1. Ridding the city of the final few FEMA?units will be a positive sign that residents are continuing down the road to recovery.