City Hall questions

Peter Schieferdecker, Minot

Well, there was a selection of a new city manager. One of the candidates seeking the position was so selected, then in a bizarre twist reneged only to surrogate herself to (conveniently!) now hold two positions of considerable influence, responsibility and most important control!

Now enter the new city attorney getting fired (by the surrogate city manager) after only a month for insubordination. So really now, what is going on? No details were provided but the citizens of Minot want to know, have questions and speculate. Did the new city attorney stumble upon something she wanted to pursue but was told not to yet insisted or was she directed to do something she didn’t want any part of, for whatever reason? Did she dare to address/question behind closed door secret council meetings, zoning interests, FEMA/flood funds allocations/distributions and so on? So put it all to rest and tell us!