City board adopts facilities grant guideline

A city committee adopted a guideline to be used in awarding sales tax dollars for facilities projects while deciding not to award any money this year.

The Minot City Council’s Community Development Committee reviewed a recommendation of a citizens committee to define eligibility for the sales tax account approved by voters in 2011. The definition excludes nonprofit organizations from receiving money unless they partners with political subdivisions on projects.

The adopted definition states: “A community facility would fill a need by the community, and it should be owned and operated by a political subdivision. If nonprofit groups are to be eligible, they should be limited to partnership projects with political subdivisions, not stand alone non-profit projects. Local control and community benefit are required.”

The committee altered the wording slightly from that recommended by the citizens group, although the meaning did not change. The definition now goes to the city council for approval.

The requirement to partner with political subdivisions won’t entirely eliminate the need for enterprise agreements, which are a mechanism mandated by the state constitution if tax money is to go to a nongovernment entity.

The committee canceled any grant application round this year. It will meet later to consider continued funding for the Herb Parker Stadium project at Minot State University and ice expansion at Maysa Arena.