Transforming lives

The Total Transformation Clinic in Minot has been in business since winter 2013 and striving to transform people’s lives from inside out. They have also recently moved to a new location at 317-16th St. NW, formerly the Bremer Insurance building which for years had the famous Volkswagen Beetle on the roof. While the car on the roof is now gone, the energy inside the building is new and ready to change lives for the better.

“A place to bring your body, mind and spirit,” the Total Transformation Clinic uses integrative medicine, which is the integration of conventional medicine with holistic practices. The focus is to cure the ailment rather than treat the symptoms. Dr. Felistas Madziwa, physician and director, firmly believes in finding the root cause of underlying ailments, which in turn provides a comprehensive approach to patient care.

Services provided by the clinic include bio-identical hormone therapy, intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy, integrative and regenerative medicine, medically guided and supervised weight loss, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, healthy nutritional plans and comprehensive lab testing. They also offer a comprehensive health assessment that includes lab testing and body composition testing, as well as teaching proper nutrition and customizing a healthy nutrition plan based on the patient’s health and fitness goals.

Along with Madziwa, Kerry Raghib, certified nurse midwife and certified bariatrician, is also on staff to help patients in their transformations. Before coming to the clinic, she worked for many years delivering babies and providing gynecological care to women. In her new practice at the Total Transformation Clinic, Raghib will see people for weight loss on a holistic approach as well as women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Also, Raghib plans to take a special interest in seeing obese women pre-pregnancy. If they can get to a normal weight before getting pregnant, she said, they will have a lower-risk pregnancy, less complications in delivery and have less post-partum complications.

“If you’re healthy during pregnancy, you will have a healthier baby,” Raghib said.

The Total Transformation Clinic focuses a lot on weight loss, since that’s seemingly what a lot of the patients are looking for. Raghib said the clinic has many programs available from nutrition-dense, low-calorie programs or others involving meal replacement. The nutrition-dense, low-calorie type programs have been chosen by a lot of people, she added, and are good for people with food sensitivities.

Another program involves taking a vacation from food, of sorts, which mainly consists of meal replacement. Raghib said it can be completely all meal replacement or modified where the person eats lean and green foods for one meal and then takes a meal replacement five times during the day. It’s a 12-week active program, then six weeks of decreasing the meal replacement products and adding regular food back in, and then the patient is taught how to eat healthy through a nutrition guide.

With any of the weight loss programs, though, a small part is weight loss.

“The big part is a change in behavior,” Raghib said.

She said she has reviewed over 200 diet plans and came up with one that includes eating nutritious food and changing behavior.

It’s important for there to be a clinic like the Total Transformation Clinic because it looks at trying to unravel all of the triggers that cause health problems, Raghib said. Also having the weight loss component will increase a person’s health, decreasing the complications from obesity and maintaining weight loss for life, she added.

“It’s exciting seeing people get healthy and losing weight and treating the whole person,” Raghib said.

People interested in learning more about the programs at the Total Transformation Clinic or who want to set up an appointment can call 837-9900. Raghib said the initial appointment will last about two hours for the comprehensive nature of the patient assessment.