Grain train derails at Surrey

SURREY Tracks were scheduled to reopen Tuesday following the derailment of eight loaded grain cars at Surrey Monday afternoon.

Amy McBeth, of Minneapolis, BNSF public relations director for the region, said the derailment occurred at about 3:50 p.m. Monday. She said there were no injuries.

McBeth said some of the cars were on their sides and some grain spilled as a result. “Crews responded to the scene and worked to clear the cars and make repairs to the track. We estimate the tracks will reopen at about 10:30 a.m. today,” she said Tuesday.

McBeth said the loaded grain train had 112 cars. She said the derailment was under investigation.

Eloise Ogden

City manager selection process to go into July

Final interviews with the top candidates for Minot’s city manager position are scheduled for mid-July.

Prothman Company, a professional hiring firm contracted by the city to recruit candidates, presented the Minot City Council’s Finance and Improvements Committee Tuesday with a timeline that sets tentative final interviews for July 14 and 15. Applications close on June 8. The company estimates narrowing the field to a list of finalists by June 24.

The job is being advertised at a salary of $100,931 to $149,833.

The city contracted with Prothman in April after a local committee narrowed the applicants and in February selected city finance director Cindy Hemphill, who then declined to accept. The committee did not choose another candidate but recommended starting the process over.

Jill Schramm

Airport parking ramp grounded for now

Minot won’t be building a parking garage at the airport at this time.

Andrew Solsvig told the Minot City Council’s Airport Committee Tuesday that the city needs to focus on existing airport projects.

“There’s too much financial risk at this time. We would love to see it, but with all the projects, it would be probably better to wait on that project. Hopefully, in the future, we can reconsider that project,” Solsvig said.

The city is constructing a new commercial terminal and has other airport improvements planned.

In February, the Airport Committee had supported pursuing a parking garage.

Under the proposed plan, Republic Parking, which operates the airport parking now, and GraCorp Capital, a financing company, would form Republic of Minot, a separate company that would lease property from the city and contract to build a three-story parking garage. The structure eventually would belong to the city.

Another 900 surface spaces were proposed in addition to the ramp. The 1,800 proposed parking spaces was more than about 1,140 spaces that currently exist at the airport with the overflow parking areas.

Jill Schramm