Higher Ed board to extend in-state rates

Out of state residents at Minot State University will be able to continue paying in-state tuition for the time being, the State Board of Higher Education has decided.

MSU Public Relations Director Alysia Huck said the board, which met Thursday in Tioga, approved a request to suspend plans to gradually phase out the in-state tutiion program for out of state students until the taskforce recommendations and system committee are complete and the North Dakota University System can propose a transition plan that will be uniformly applied on a statewide basis.

Last year, Minot State was granted a grandfathering plan that would have phased out in-state tution for out of state students at MSU over a four year period. The plan applied only to MSU.

Minot State began allowing out of state students to pay in-state tuition as a way to boost student enrollment. The university claims that its “Grow ND Plan” has increased enrollment and was implemented on a cost neutral basis.